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OSHA Limits

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According to the recent survey, it was revealed that in one of the machine shops, the workers are open to noise, which is above the OSHA level of standards. The purpose of this essay is to offer recommendations regarding the proper management system that could enliven the overall situation for the employees and, at the same time, lower the limit to the standards of the OSHA documentation. The paper exposes the suggestions towards the improvement of the given scenario in favor of both the company and workers in the priority structure (Stanley, 2012).

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First, in order to correct the level of noise to the standard one according to the OSHA regulations, it is important to admit the fact of its existence and find the reasons of the noise level, which is above the limits. The proper measure to be taken in order to improve such a state of affairs it to contribute to the functionality of the whole system. The noise is usually the reason of high pressure as it is mostly considered to be the primary cause of such issues.

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Hence, the second step is to check the equipment and make sure that every part of the manufacturing chain works well. Most probably, there will be noise abatement, and the workers will notice it. The best way is to check the entire operational process to reduce the level of noise on all the levels; this will help to decrease it as a whole (Asfahl and Rieske, 2009).

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Finally, from the managerial point of view, the manufacturing premises should be highly isolated from noise. It is assumed that there are some places in the whole chain of the working system that do have a slight gap, which surely adds more noise to the overall operational power. Thus, it would be fair for both the workers and the owner of the company to provide the workers with special equipment in order to protect them from additional noise. In case all the areas of the working process are tested properly, the noise should decrease to the OSHA limit (United States Department of Labor, 2011).

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