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The given descriptive study on heart failure self-care behavior presents the readers with some relevant and valuable results. Looking at the overall picture, it is important to know that there were no significant differences found between genders or age groups in terms of exercising self-care. Although the population sample was rather small (n=39) it is still a great addition to the existing body of knowledge. Moreover, the most informative piece of information was about the certain behaviors that are easily complied with and those that are difficult for patients to maintain. While such aspects as “I take my medication as prescribed”, “If I get short of breath I take it easy”, and “I get a flu jab every year” were reported to be the easiest for the patients, others like “I eat a low salt diet”, “I weigh myself every day”, and “I exercise regularly” were at the bottom of the list (Barber, Currie, & Gardiner, 2011).

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As one can see the behaviors that cause most difficulty are the ones that require a longer commitment. That is why it is important for nursing practice to encourage those behaviors. For instance, regular exercising is quite difficult to implement for an elderly person who has never led an active way of life. Therefore, it is crucial for people in the risk group to exercise during their whole life to see the real benefits for their health. For those who are new to exercising, nurses and other professionals can design a special step-by-step routine to make the transition easier. In this way the patients might see the daily exercise as taking a pill, something that is almost automatic and simple to execute. Furthermore, it is a good idea for nursing personnel to engage in a reflecting conversation with patients in order to help people voice their uncertainties and even share with a professional their success of heart failure self-care.

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