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Argumentation in Government and Politics

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An argument is a claim based on logic. Thus, argumentation involves the use of logic to give and support certain claims. A good argument must have a premise, or premises, upon which certain conclusions are made. Before the conclusions are drawn, there must be a reasoning process that eventually informs the conclusions reached upon. Arguments  are part of our daily lives, and, though we do not realize it, we all engage in some form of it every day in our inter- personal relationships. It, therefore, covers every aspect of societal  life, from science to law and politics. Therefore, this paper is based on argumentation in government and politics.

Political argumentation is a core part of any kind of governed society and is mainly used by candidates vying for  political office, government officials, academic scholars, the media and the citizens of a particular society in their everyday  interactions to comment on certain political events in a bid to understand them. Most of the citizens in a society are, however, usually equipped with little to no information regarding the politics of their country, and, thus, remain gullible and become prey to the ever-hungry politicians looking to sway them to whatever direction they prefer. Indeed, politics is a game meant to be played only by those with good and argumentative skills; how else would they get into any political office without the ability to convince people of their eligibility?

A common argument is that  low-information voters stand to lose in any society. The term “ low-information voters” was coined by Samuel Popkin to describe voters with little or no knowledge in politics, or the world as a whole. Popkin thought that low-information voters can easily be influenced to make certain decisions, even against their best interests, simply because they do not understand how things work around them. These people are not fully aware of their constitutional rights and are the ones usually targeted by political candidates in the scramble for votes. The unfortunate thing is that these kind of  individuals make up a majority of most societies in the world.

They usually elect people into office with the hope of getting good leaders that would care for them, and who have their best interests at heart, only to end up with selfish, power- hungry and money-embezzling “leaders”. This situation repeats itself even when they change their leaders and the question begs, “ why?”. It is because politicians are in a constant state of change, trying out new methods to see what works best for them. They, therefore, employ the services of the media and political scientists who have the best knowledge in how to deal with the public, and who use observation and persuasion to earn their daily bread.

Even when elected into office, and, essentially, into government, the trend never stops. This is the reason why the citizens of a country are always calling out to the government for help with this or that issue, only to receive a deaf ear. In the unlikely event that they are heard, they are made to feel like it is a favour done for them. Funny, understandably and unbelievably true. It is true that low-information voters stand to lose in any society. There is no other way of going about it. This is why leaders in governments will always be the rich and powerful, and the citizens will be the poor and gullible.

Buy custom Argumentation in Government and Politics essay

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