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Barack Obama’s Healthcare Policy

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Under the new Barack Obama’s healthcare policy the application for insurance is a time-consuming task requiring the fulfillment of many tedious steps. Only to check whether a personal qualifies for financial help, the application will be examined by three governmental agencies; and then one has to choose the insurance plan itself. As the lower-income citizens are supposed to get the most of financial aid, the income will be verified. This new law requires every American to have an insurance starting from the next year, but there is a fair amount of criticism and the urge to simplify the application form and provide counselors who would help people with navigating the system when applying (Alonso-Zaldivar, 2013).

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The implications of the new insurance policy for the nursing profession are numerous and some of them are difficult to foresee at the moment. Theoretically, if every American citizen was ensured, this could significantly reduce the amount of untreated diseases and encourage people to go to the hospital right after they have some concerns rather than hope for miraculous improvement. Such scenario would allow health care professionals shift the attention to preventive care more which is very beneficial for human health. Nursing personnel, being in direct contact with the patients, will have a lot of workload and some of the responsibilities may be either added or changed. If the number of emergencies caused by lack of timely treatment decreases, the stress experienced by nurses may be relieved a bit. The direct work with patients will probably mean that nurses will be the ones expected to raise awareness about preventive measures and propose different activities to people who may be uneducated about this issue due to being previously uninsured.

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