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Around the world, gun control laws and policy vary greatly and argues on the dangers of the widespread gun ownership and the opponents of individuals’ rights of self protection and liberties. Findings in win –win solution, happens through effective steps that are essential. Three steps includes, taking negative emotions out the equation. This step, emotions tend to manifest negatively on the situations in fear of losing. Judgments and creativity are the best and an exact tool needed in win-win solution. This brings out the fundamental ideas from the negative emotions.


Guns politics are the laws that govern gun ownership, restrictions and usage. This gives the gun users the rules and regulation to follow when one owns a gun. In the political scene gun acts as a tool for self defense governing the national sovereignty. The national police and all other security agencies enforce their own gun regulations which lead to restriction of crimes by use of the fire arms. Guns help in the enforcement of law within a nation hence they protect the tranquility of a nation (Longley pg 107). The required thing to regulate the alarm caused by firearms is by gun registration and banning all guns except on the arm of police and other authorized personnel.


The guns in the country might reduce the security level if the rampant gun trafficking is not stopped. Hence guns when used by authorized personnel they beef up security through use by well minded beings (Longley pg 121). Therefore that is the reason that registration of firearms and gun ownership to unauthorized personnel should be abolished and criticized. Security is a very important aspect when we feature the national sovereignty of a country like America. Therefore for security officers in a country to perform and give their level best security measures they should be protected by ban of unauthorized fire arm holders (Longley pg 200). This will have a positive impact on the national security and will proof that guns can be used for better reasons other than creating crimes.


 When guns are not used in the proper way the health sector deteriorates at an alarming speed. This will be due to the high mortality rate caused by unauthorized firearm owners. This is very severe and can be abolished because guns do not shoot themselves to cause murder but they are used by evil minded users to kill and commit dangerous crimes (Lott pg 225). This is the reason why firearms should be restricted and issued to the right persons for easy tracking of the crimes committed. Health can be improved by use of ideologies on the use of unauthorized fire arms by enforcing more strict laws on gun ownership (Lott pg 210). When security is poor in a country due to unauthorized firearm ownership the countries health standards can not be improved due to the death and injury rate that are very occasion in the country. Proper enactment of firearm ownership will reduce the mortality rate hence improving the health sector in the country.

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Education matters are destabilized when there  is poor gun control methods. They torture students psychologically leading to poor performances in school work. In America, there are many shootings that are witnessed in learning institutions that are very adverse when it comes to students’ performance (Lott pg 102).  When there are massive killings in the schools students will fear each other and lead to agony in lecturers in the institution leading to poor performance within lecturers. But this will be due to lack of laws in the illegal ownership of firearms. When there is good governance in the arm ownership will lead to proper usage of the fire arms.

Beliefs and Arguments

The beliefs and arguments are on the focus of the solution which is the second step in win-win solution whereby emotional are negative at the behavioral level hence causing trouble of passive and aggressive communication. The only way to avoid this is to focus on the anticipated notices of communication styles and conflict solution. Third steps is exploring the contest and options, significantly, people do not often focus on finding a win-win solution but they just insist hard enough on finding process on the solution this world is abundant  with many resources and thus there is a need of finding the best solution for problem solving gun control issues (Longeley, P.225).

Instances of the issues

Economic and financial problems are issues of gun control presented in terms of bans and restrictions. From this point, the approaches of gun control policies are really misguided (Lott, P.321). The fact remains that economic problems approach s to gun control should be efficient and effective. Political considerations are always in fore front according to any law being discussed. Gun control policies are enacted in a particular jurisdiction based on the popular but not what is good. solution to this problem is that economists should focus on the third party by regulating laws on firearms liability insurance in the amount of million.

Insurances companies should come up with win-win solution in form of money saving. Due to the financial incentives, they should focus on effective solutions which results to a depoliticized process. Demanding more guns is a solution to social ills people are living a poor economical life without any safety. There is always lack of employment insurances with low wages and lack of unions among the people. The majority of gun violence is the low income of the inner cities that are still forming the killings of the marginalized areas (Longeley, P.321).

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A social issue on gun control has always been as problem in America whereby most of the people are against the guns longeley. The constitution of the US ensures that there is always a right to bear forearms on the knowledge of safety considerations. Crime is a social problem common in the world thus most of the criminals can easily acquire firearms. People always think that this issue is too distant from the community but if they turn to local news channel crime is always on the surrounding. Knowledge is always a key to success and people should always focus on gun control where the decision is on their side. Most of the people should be well equipped with the channel news about protection by gun control laws being a deciding factor.      National security services should enhance and enforce gun regulations in reduction of the number of weapons used to commit crimes that are illegally trafficked in United States.


Gun control is bad because it disarms only the law abiding citizens and therefore put a lot of disadvantages against the criminals on gun control of government because it prevents rebellion. According to the books that contains laws of controlling guns, the only things to make it an easier for criminals is to perpetuate their  acts on the need citizens. The control needs of the gun shot are supposed to be perceived on side of general public to stop fire arms and this may begin with education.


Guns are not all that dangerous as anyone may think but they are very useful when used correctly. They keep the security of a country high but with poor governance there will be no tranquility in the country. Therefore high profile measures and restrictions to firearm owners should be put in place harbor the crimes caused by illegal firearms ownership.

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