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Obama’s Comprehensive Insurance Plan

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According to a financial risk analysis group Obama’s comprehensive insurance plan will increase the amount paid out for medical claims on average by thirty-two percent, which will consequently increase the insurance premiums. The estimated situation is the relative decrease of cost for some states while dramatic increase for others, up to 80% in Ohio by 2017, for instance. Obama administration officials criticize the study design of the analytic group and point out that they did not take into account the cost-relief strategies present in the law. Also, Kathleen Sebelius, who is Health and Human Services Secretary, mentioned that some of the existing insurance plans are helpful only in extreme cases like a car accident (Alonso-Zaldivar, 2013).

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The current situation around the proposed health insurance reform certainly influences the nursing profession a lot. To start with, all these newly discovered reports and analytic data as well as the continuous debates between the President Administration and private insurers bring additional insecurity and uncertainty to practicing nurses. A lot of current medical personnel may be confused by conflicting sources of information thrown at them while they have to be knowledgeable about the issue, and even be able to share their expertise with the patients. The frustration of the society in general is fueled, on one hand, by the successful example of other countries with comprehensive insurance and the real threat of increasing costs in the US situation. For the nursing profession, this means the necessity of the critical skill to assess the data independently and form an unbiased opinion with the professional knowledge as a background. In the meantime practicing nurses also have to develop flexible approach to face the medical reality in the effective manner.

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Buy custom Obama’s Comprehensive Insurance Plan essay

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