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Preventing Terrorism in the United States

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The term terrorism refers to destruction of either people or valuable properties by an individual or a group of people who may act against an established government. Their main reason is redressing an actual or imaginary prejudice accredited to any recognized government with either direct or indirect intention to cause fear towards that established government. Terrorism could be an act of terror, war or revenge, which may serve as a point of violence against a country or state. It results in a massive destruction and leads to fear. The fight against terrorism in the international community has placed demand on the United States’ intelligence to acquire information, plans, the ability of the terrorists, ambitions and their location among others. Intelligence Community is comparatively small, and shielded against the public view. The work of this community is more cognitive with risks of profession, which can strengthen any nation or pose a greater risk. Since the consequences of failure are great, intelligence professionals frequently seek for a major internal or external demand of avoiding it. To understand historical resistance of implementing intelligence performance program, one needs to explicitly design a program of improving human performance. Although the scrutiny is internal to any commu­nity, the concept counters a culture of high secrecy concerning compartmentaliza­tion.

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The United States has started a much more competitive struggle to acquire the skills and the relevant information for the purpose of managing terrorism to prevent its vices. The United States has established a Homeland of Security Enterprise that is responsible of training the administration on the ways and methods of detecting and recognizing behaviors of terrorism, crime and any other related threats. Their methods are carried out through an observation of documented and analyzed reports that are shared with the law enforcers in the country. The fusion center supports the urban areas through training, security clearances and the attachments to the federal systems, which regard security. There is provision of grants of a huge amount of money that caters for the funding and sustenance of the risk capabilities’ areas by the US, hence ensuring security is increased with reduction in terrorism.

Consequently, there is an improved Passenger Screening exercise and the prevention of the terrorists’ travel. This is done through the record data information of an advanced passenger that provides concern for travel. In case there is any terrorism ties with the passenger in question, the United States of America becomes aware and measures are taken accordingly. Besides, there is a Visa Security Program, which is capable of deploying specialists in security to the overseas in order to identify terrorists before they reach the States. The department of pre-departure vetting advices the aircraft carrier on the security risk of a given passenger who would otherwise not be admitted into the States on arrival. The United States has an enhanced screening of explosives, which limited the central security requirements for cargo screening. Currently, TSA is able to screen 100 percent out of all the inspected baggage against any possible explosives. As a result of the Recovery Act with the annual allocations, TSA has ensured the increase in deployment of advanced and new technologies, which can detect any generation of threats. The United States has ensured strong global security chain through container initiative security, which operates in more than 58 foreign countries.

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However, in curbing the existence of terrorism in the United States, various challenges have been experienced. The renewed agents give signal and imagery satellites, which depend on people who in return are spies. The dependence on the human intelligences creates a complicated mission likely to disrupt those in position of providing any valuable information. Activities of terrorism pose analytical challenges of acquiring various skills of language to be used by the intelligence groups. Much of the available data on the intelligence issues is left open and easily accessed by the terrorism groups. Hence, it enables them to learn new tactics of carrying out the vice of terrorism.

Lack of competent training facilities, which gives the security group access to all the required skills on intelligence, is another challenge to counter terrorism in the United States. One more challenge is the relationship of the intelligence groups and the agencies of the law enforcement that seem too close. To counter terrorism, agencies of intelligence should work together with the law enforcers. This differs in the approaches of getting evidence, retrieving data and developing intentions, thus, making the exercise difficult.

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Finally, an operation of the military against terrorists has reinforced the need for collection of commanders out of secure communications. The high rate of reliance of the military operations on availability of platforms, such as reconnaissance collected from satellites, has gone to a reduction in order to counter terrorism operations.

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