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Progressive Adult Education Applications

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According to research, progressive education is a response to the old style of education that teaches facts mostly at the cost of comprehending the education that is given (Evans, 2007). The progressive education philosophy holds the concept that children should be taught the paradigm of thinking and that any knowledge testing is not able to determine a degree to which a child is an educated individual. According to research, the instinct of a child will assist in developing the material that is provided to them. These instincts also create the foundation of their knowledge with everything developing upon it. This thus leads to the foundation of Dewey`s supposition that one cannot study with lack of inspiration. Progressive education views thought as essentially linked with act. The significance of a concept is measured by the effects created when it is transformed into action. This philosophy is founded on the customary ways of thinking and seeking ways to integrate new notions to accomplish an anticipated outcome. Accordingly, the progressive education philosophy keeps people pursuing effective approaches for completing specific chores. As the world continues to change, individuals are constantly transforming things of the past. This philosophy emphasizes that it is vital for teachers to understand the interests of children and the knowledge of adults as well.

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The progressive adult education philosophy, according to Dewey`s concept, relates to educating adults in various ways. For instance, it is believed that people have the capability to learn and grow throughout their life time. A learning institution is judged in terms of how effective it succeeds in facilitating and increasing a person`s intrinsic powers of knowledge. Progressive adult education is vital in teaching adults because it plays an essential role in preparing people for energetic involvement in a self-governing society. Teachers play a significant role in the progressive formulation for education as they merge their deep understanding of and affection for adults with the intellectual demands of the subject matter.

The progressive adult education philosophy relates to educating adults because it deals with real life issues and the practical effects of concepts. This is a result of the idea that people could work toward a more fulfilling life by employing approaches that would assist humanity. For instance, through handling various issues, people are noted to be thinking creatively. According to philosophers such as Dewey, every condition is exceptional and, therefore, should be handled by testing different solutions. This implies that one resolution did not fit all dilemmas. Accordingly, the philosophers felt that experience and nature could not be divided because nature was what an individual encountered. Just like a child should not be removed from their social surrounding when being educated, so should adults. This is because social associations are quite vital in the education process. Progressive adult education philosophy believes in testing ideas on an investigational foundation with regard to the outcomes of their effectiveness. This philosophy believed that learners, especially adults, would be most inspired to learn a planned knowledge when they could relate its helpfulness to the current life (Mulcrone, 2009). Progressive adult education philosophy is significant in educating adults because it promotes the view that industrialization had disheartened humanity, and that a person and social facets of adult could be fostered through independent encounters within the learning institution. Personality is significant because if a person`s decisions are made intelligently, then he or she has a greater control over their destiny. Therefore, people should be educated within a group because of the necessary interplay of the two. In most cases, people and society sustain each other. Thus, it is assumed that this social life was the task of the learning institution.

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Research shows that education is a preparation for life that permitted cultures to survive over time and that allowed all people to have the fullest life possible in a social environment through the use of self-governing standards (Hayes, 2007). Therefore, educators, especially nurse educators, should be as concerned with the benefits for adult as they were in the surroundings, from which they were coming.  Education is a social procedure that should be flexible and always have an objective in mind. The main goal of education is the development in the capability to learn from experience and to make respectable decisions grounded on that involvement, because people are eventually accountable for getting order to the world. Therefore, progressive adult education is relevant in teaching adults because it allows them to learn from their experience and come up with excellent decisions as they are responsible for developing order in the world. The philosophy demonstrates that education is a procedure that views at the past for guidance, deciding on the ideas that work and apply to the current conditions. It also emphasizes that education helps in resolving problems logically instead of inevitably depending on convention. This is a vital strategy to be educated to adults because they look at their past for guidance in making decisions concerning their current situations.

According to Galbraith (2004), this philosophy is significant in educating adults because it inspires a program that is flexible and open minded, comprising cross curricula project-based activities that include the application of all subject matter. It is a practice based philosophy that involves using various approaches of educating learners, inclusive of adults some of which requires including community associates. This philosophy promotes attending to the requirements of every adult learner through a direct method. Thus, experimentation is necessary because it enables the adults know how to solve issues in real life situations. For instance, every learning process begins with a problem or questions that require learners to carry out research and solve problems. In order for this to be successful, instructors have a great role to play. For instance, as a nurse instructor, he or she must comprise of efficient skills and knowledge in regard to the subject under study so that he or she can divide the subject for easy learning by adult students. The instructor has to connect the learning to the inspiration, as well as natural interest that the adults already have. For efficiency purposes, instructors must have adequate knowledge concerning the background and the surrounding that each adult learner brings to the learning institution in order to make suggestions and arouse the interest of learners.

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