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Heart disease is considered to be one of the most dangerous illnesses that can lead to the death. The most common reason for this sickness is a blockage of the coronary arteries, the blood tubule that supplies heart with oxygen, nutrients, and blood. A great number of people believe that this disease is man’s problem, but actually women suffer from this malady as well. In fact, there is an unpleasant statistics which shows that every minute in the USA somebody’s mother, wife, or sister die from heart disease. Thus, women should be completely aware of this disease in order to make their lives healthier and longer.

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First, they should get as much information as possible. The Health Information System is a right way for them to get acquainted to all common symptoms and features of this disease. With the help of this system, they can enhance the state of their health and even in some cases save their lives. It is due to “the integrated HIS will provide the basis for public health professionals to look at the health system from broader more comprehensive points of view” (Sahay, 2007,p. 50). That’s why women can easily find all the necessary information about heart disease in this information center.

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Second, Dr. John, chief of cardiology at the University of California at San Francisco-Fresno Medical Education Program emphasizes, that “Women tend to be underdiagnosed, undertreated and have higher complication rates in therapy than we see in men” (“Central California Faculty Medical Group”, 2007). In fact, women’s arteries and heart vessels are much smaller than men’s, thus, it is difficult sometimes for doctors to diagnose women’s heart at first time. Moreover, the installation of special metal-mesh cylinders which are used for keeping arteries open during diagnosis is really a very difficult task. Therefore, women should visit cardiologists as frequent as possible in order to have correct information about the state of their health.

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To sum up, women can absolutely prevent themselves from this disease by practicing healthy lifestyle, regularly visiting doctors and getting more useful information about the state of health. In addition to it, they should enjoy their lives and be happy as well.

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