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The Election of Barack Obama

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The whole world observed presidential elections in U.S. as a triumph of democracy and tolerance. Many people actually believed in it and maybe it really is. Let us realize that various events and trends that we could not even imagine during the term of the past five presidents became an objective reality nowadays. I am not going to judge or to give unreasonable estimates. I am simply stating the obvious things for people who like to reflect. First, the country is divided on two controversial groups: those who are for and against Obama. It happened on the eve of the elections and still remains so. Previously it has never happened before, but now this is a scary tendency which leads to the massive split. Second, economic situation in U.S. is getting worse; slowly, but it does. Increasing amount of benefits and social payments creates hidden inflation in the unprecedented scales. Any economic systems, even the strongest and the most stable ones, are not able to sustain it for a long time. Sooner or later it will need to take serious actions about it, and the sooner is better. Several states have already taken advantage of their right to secede from the federation. The results of it are not so important; the more important thing is a precedent. Third, the position of U.S. world military and economic leadership has been challenged and there was no adequate response yet. U.S. is no longer the unquestionable leader in the world because of the controversial and decisive steps by the government. International role of the NATO block also significantly decreased. Moreover, a prerequisite to its collapse has already appeared in France.     

As a result, many our compatriots are seriously thinking about leaving U.S. in search for better and more stable life. These huge changes had fallen to our generation, the generation of Millennium. They forced us to think and act in a different way.

Buy custom The Election of Barack Obama essay

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