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Trends and Forecasts Associated with Terrorism

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Terrorism is a violent act against population or government of the country. Person who usually commits such acts is not satisfied with the conditions of his/her personal or public life, wanting the government to change them momentarily. The leading emotions of the terrorist are strong disappointment, uncontrollable anger, and a high level of impatience. The goal of the terrorist is to use fear to force this change. Modern technologies allow to accomplish this objective relatively easy. If a person can bring up in his imagination an action that will terrify people or his main target, he can actually try to make an attack that will cause fear which he wants to use for personal gain. Some terror activists have special interests. For example, struggle for animal rights, environmental causes, anti-abortion movements. On the contrary, these people support the government and count on it to pass the law that will accomplish their objective. I think that violence isn’t quite effective in such cases.

The arsenal of modern weapons that terrorists use is quite large. Mostly, they are firearms and bombs. One of the biggest fears is still the use of chemical, biological or radiological weapons. There are various forecasts of the future. Some analysts believe that it is unavoidable but other think that it will not happen. My opinion is that as long as there are people who dare to commit either reasonable or unreasonable terroristic acts and as long as these people have access to dangerous substances for producing those kinds of weapons, there will be victims.

As most people are trying to obtain the desired goal of killing innocent people, taking hostages and destroying cities, they may be regarded as criminals. And the government should prevent such actions. Law enforcement agencies of the USA, intelligence services, and federal programs are designed to develop antiterrorism intelligence-reporting procedures which are directed to stop terrorism acts. One of the most intriguing managerial concepts of preventing terrorism is the idea of intelligence-led policing (ILP). According to this concept, officers gather information and give it away for analysis. Using this information, managers organize resources to deal with specific matters rather than spreading out police power aimlessly or reacting to crimes when they take place. That is why ILP was created to disorganize criminal activities prior to criminal acts. Its another task is to find out community problems and prevent the crime, including terrorism.

As the economy of the USA has stuck in the slow lane and new challenges have been presented for law enforcement by terrorism, decreasing resources and budget cuts resulted in fewer deployments. In the future, police forces are supposed to do more work having fewer resources.

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