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Unity and Discord

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After the World War Two the political and economic situation in Europe was difficult. The European leaders decided to create a new interstate structure to replace the League of Nations that had failed. The idea of the European Union creation appeared.

Political implications:

  • European unification within one geopolitical center;
  • Stabilization of political situation in countries of the western Europe; 
  • Creation of an outpost against western (the U.S.)  and eastern  (Russia) influence on European domestic affairs;
  • The emergence of conditions for the further integration into one intergovernmental union.

Social implications:

  • The increase of  the intensity of intercultural exchange;
  • Unification of the cultural and national features in Europe. The acceleration of globalization process;
  • The intensification of nationalist and anti-globalization movements.

Economic implications:

  • Increased profits from trading due to simplified customs policy;
  • The creation of the single quality control system and the European single market;
  • Economic crisis in countries with uneven development (Greece);
  • The emergence of numerous Investment programs to help poor countries.

In the second half of the 20-th century, the world was divided between two geopolitical centers: the NATO block and the Warsaw Pact. In 1991 the communist system had failed, and it created the prerequisites for bipolarity.  The Cold War that lasted for a half of a century was over, it subsided the international tension.  There was no need for the further political and economic confrontation.

Creation of the European Union and consequent deep cultural integration caused strengthening of nationalist sentiment and violence (France, England). After the WW 2, caused by a triumph of political parties of the right wing in Germany, the policy of European governments aimed to prevent instances of racial discrimination or a genocide that is connected with people’s nationality.

The collapse of the communist system has made a major influence on the further development of the modern world.  As for me, those impacts were quite positive. First, it removed the threat of an atomic war, and it made a great number of resources, that were involved in the process of resistance against communism, available for the further development and prosperity. 

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