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Christian Principles

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In Christianity, there are teachings accompanied by the examples that aim to give explanation to its ethical perspective. The most important Christianity principle is the Ten Commandments. As stated by Religious Ethical Beliefs, “The 10 Commandments are Divine Command ethics. In other words they derive from laws set down by God. They are also meant to be objective and universal. Ethics from Jesus’ teachings are similar to the 10 Commandments in that they teach obedience to God but they also stress virtues as well as the famous ethical principle known as the Golden Rule” (Fairchild, 2011.)

Christian Principles

One among the major principles found in the Bible ascertains that humans ought to be wise stewards of everything that has been given to them by God. These include their time, their talents and also their treasure. There is a nurse by the name M.W. that worked in a home offering the services of taking care of mentally handicapped persons for twenty four hours a day. M.W really enjoyed being around the mentally handicapped people. M.W did not find it strange that she was around people that could not really relate with her. She loved her work despite the things it entailed and even her co-workers knew about it. They relied on her joy and ease of working with the patients and they even took advantage of it themselves. This shows that she really appreciated the job that God had given her and she was working hard towards exploiting the best she would be at it (Zavada).

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In the Bible, all of us are persistently reminded that we should place all hope in God alone, but not in power, money, or position. At M.W’s workplace, all employees had been assigned clients that they would attend to, based on the skills that each one of them possessed. Her co-workers would be aware of a patient who had messed up themselves. But instead of attending to the patient, they would ignore it until M.W came to work so that she would change the patient. She could not allow a patient even if not assigned to her to remain in the soiled clothes. As she did this, she did not mind it that her co-workers were neglecting their duties and that she should be compensated for helping them out. She did it since this woman just felt that it was part of her work and did not even care about how much work she was doing.

Another Christian principle is that one should do to others what they would wish to be done for them. M.W was aware that the patients did not have the ability to help themselves and, thus, they required her services. Since she also knew that her co-workers were not performing their duties as they should have, she made it up to herself that she worked hard to for the upkeep of the patients. M.W. could not treat them unfairly since she would not want to be treated that way herself. The woman treated patients in the way she would have wanted to be treated being in that position herself.


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The church should be used to lay down a great model of how Christians should live by the teachings in the Bible. To live by the Bible, people should follow and believe in the 10 Commandments and the principles it brings with it. This helps an individual to do exactly what they preach, so that one can mirror their words with their actions. Do you really think that a Christian’s ethics should be built on these principles so as to define one’s morality?


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