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Contemporary Theology: Process Theology

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Process theology refers to the theological and philosophical stand that, God is constantly changing just like the universe. Therefore, human being knowhow regarding God have to be advancing as we take time to acquire more concerning God. It cannot break in any fundamentals, and this is the reason why process theology refutes the absolute nature of God's truth and immutability.  In addition, this would show that, absolute knowhow of God will not be possible, and a real God self-revelation in the form of person as Jesus Christ, as well as the Bible, would also prove to be impossible. Process theology refutes the Scriptures that teach God has been God always (Psalm 90:2), and that; He is not subject to change (Hebrews 13:8; Malachi 3:6). In addition, it refutes and challenges God's word concerning the requirement of Jesus the Savior and the divinity of Jesus Christ (Colossians 2:9; John 1:1, 14).

Thesis Statement

The aim of this research which is credited with element standard is to be able to detail the real changing nature of God as detailed in the process theology.

The Need for the Study

This study is associated with some purpose. The need for the study engages a disciplined research of Christian comprehension of the changing nature of God, Christian faith, humanity and in the framework of antiquity and the universe. The research may be conducted in several ways and lead to the outcome of several perspectives. Process theology donates both to the research of articulated outcomes of the replication of the community believing, and to the reflecting procedure. The other activity may be comprehended as engaging in reflection theological. This research is important since it explains thetheological and philosophical stand that, God is constantly changing just like the universe. 

The Procedure for the Study

The Christian churches have long traditions of process theology. That is, studying doctrine and theology systematized around honestly standard typical like the Jesus Christ, redemption and Word of God. The procedure for the research of the process theology entails several idiosyncratic features. They include a strong prominence on the theological fundamentals for each teaching and doctrine, vibrant writing where technical vocabularies are maintained to the least number, a contemporary tactic, treating themes of special attention to the believing church currently, a friendly and soft tone, alluring to the spirit and emotions and the intellect, recurrent submission to life, means of worship with every chapter, and bibliographies with every chapter that crisscross-reference themes to an extensive range of various systematic theologies.

Buy custom Contemporary Theology: Process Theology essay

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