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Early Medieval Church

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The four means of salvation in the Early Medieval Church.

Medieval Church played a greater role in England than the Churches do today.  The Church dominated everybody’s life in those days (Mullin 2008). They were taught that the only way to Heaven was through the Roman Catholic Church. Moreover, they believed that working in the church was a direct ticket to heaven. This made all try and work in church, yet there were limited chances. The four means of salvation in the Early Medieval Church are named below. Having Faith in God and devoting oneself to the service of brothers and sisters in need. This was service to the society and people used to work in church for no pay. They offered themselves to work in churches since this was the manifestation of deep faith and hence salvation. This was a great aspect of service to the society as they based it on the teachings of service to the society.

Thinking more about God and doing work bearing life’s difficulties This was evidenced by the practice of pious exercise of the way of the Cross depicting Jesus Christ carrying the Cross to his crucification the final hours. As the teachings in the Bible stated they had to abide. People had to think about God, and think less about them for them to be saved. Abstain in a spirit of penance from something licit and pleasing. This is done through adoration of Christ in the Eucharist for at least half an hour and practicing the teachings. By abiding to Christ teachings we change our mind from thinking evil and think of the positive doings.

Testifying before others in day to day life that you are saved, this was majorly induced by the recitation of Rosary and Akathist in a church, family or where people come together for an honorable purpose (Mullin 2008). This carried weight because as a saved person you had to give testimony of your salvation and through that people in the society would understand you and give due respect.

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