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Many people believe that ethics is not connected to religion but instead, it is wholly settled by it. They therefore do not think more about ethics because of the commanding code of ethics that is enshrined on a handbook on how people are to live (Samovar, Richard, and Edwin 2012)

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One of the common ethics among all religions is forgiveness. This is a virtue of forgetting of other people’s mistakes and continuing to relate with them intensively. All religions encourage their believers to believe in this virtue and request them to allow God to revenge on their behalf (Samovar, Richard, and Edwin 2012)

Honesty is another ethic that cut across all religious believes. This virtue involves truthiness and openness in every undertaking. Honesty reduces cases of corruption and fraudulent activities. As a result, people are able to live harmoniously without taking advantage of the positions they hold (Samovar, Richard, and Edwin 132)

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Having faith is another common ethic that is recorded on all religious books. The books teach people to believe in the supernatural powers. They all teach them to persevere and wait for what they believe in to happen instead of losing hope (Samovar, Richard, and Edwin 129)

Virtue of love is also emphasized among all religions. Love ensures that people live harmoniously without hatred despite different opinions concerning some issues. In addition, all religious books emphasize on the need for people to uphold tolerance and nonviolence attitude even against their enemies. Instead, they are advised to forgive them and leave the matter with the God. In conclusion, these virtues try to reduce violence and help people to embrace peace among each other. 

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