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The Creation and Breakdown of Christendom in Rome, Greece and Jerusalem

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In the ancient days when civilization was just on the stage of appearing, the cities of Jerusalem, Rome and Greece defined Christianity in a particular way. The definitions they gave reflected their spiritual visions. Moreover, the cities mentioned reflected the level of spirituality of the dwellers. These cities restricted Christianity or spirituality to saints and people who dedicated their lives to the church. The city of Jerusalem appears as one of the most fundamental Christian based cities of the world. This appears since much of the history of Christianity originated from there.

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One of the main feature of the spiritual visions of these three cities included laying down a specific set of characteristics for their Christian leaders. In addition, all the leadership qualities occurred according to the gospel. For instance, all the Christian leaders had to possess the qualities of saints. This appeared since it would enable them to perform the divine duty accordingly. This first characteristics of a Christian leader appeared from Ephesians 4:11, 12. Another fundamental characteristic that appeared which was required from  the Christian leaders included the fact that they had to appear as preachers of the truth to the coming generations. These leaders had to portray the gospel in their daily lives. They had to live the way they preached and maintain holy lives. Precisely, the chosen leaders had to appear as Jesus in terms of character and attitude towards others.

The spiritual visions of these three cities of Christianity converged because all the cities possessed similar ideas on Christianity. The neutrality of Jerusalem as one of the major Christian cities enabled it to interact better with the other two cities. Jerusalem accommodated Judaism, Islam and Christianity. There also existed a closer relationship in the cities of Jerusalem and Rome. This occurred due to the joint history of Christianity the two cities possessed.

With time, westernization began to take its toll. Several individuals started influencing the spiritual visions of the Christians in these three cities. From the early years of Christianity, saints who had lived managed to influence the ways of life of the early Christians immensely. Some of the prominent saints included Moses and Aaron. In the modern Christianity men  attempted to interpret Christianity. Examples of such men include Moses Hess. This included a philosopher who studied and looked into Zionism and Jewish Christianity in Europe.

Some of the main ideas that appeared as the aim of spirituality included bringing liberty to humanity. Moreover, during this error, Judaism appeared as an active religion that acted upon positivity in Christianity. Jerusalem included one of the Christian cities that encountered numerous historic events. Some of these historic events included early Ottoman period; the British mandate period was among others.  

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The fracturing and breakdown of the spiritual visions of these cities occurred due to a number of reasons. Christianity appeared as the main religion of the Roman Empire. As such, it appeared governed by several rules. In the 14th century, the Constantine Dynasty arrived in Rome. Due to this, Christianity remained as the basic religion in Rome (Miller, 2007).

The breakdown of the Christian visions of the three cities occurred since many things changed with the subsequent of time. There existed numerous developments in the cities in terms of infrastructure and so on. Moreover, most of the Christians realized the existence of other religions that possessed different and better characteristics.  Some religious differences started to show up. The laws that governed Christianity became null and void since the former Christians started to take up some of the characteristics of the non- Christians. They began worshipping idols and there appeared illuminates. Eventually, Christendom was fractured and broken down. Other than that, different denominations were formed. Thus, the initial single blocked Christianity collapsed leading to the formation of different religions and denominations. As such, these grew into the current numerous denominations and religions that appeared spread all over the world (Ben Witherington, 2004).

Out of this breakdown, most of the western cities possess the freedom of worship. At some point, certain western nations would assassinate members from a different religious background. Particularly, this occurred between the Romans and the Jews. However, these trends seized after several interventions by religious leaders.

Moreover, some cities maintained a particular spiritual vision that governed the religious point of view of each member of the city. This appeared to enhance a common spiritual vision around such cities.

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A lot of things occurred since the error of early Christianity in the western cities. Some of these states acted as the origins of certain Christian saints. Thus, the initial spiritual visions in such cities appeared largely influenced by their Christian origins. A city like Jerusalem possessed a wide Christian background. Christendom persisted from the 1st century. To the current years, Jerusalem still values Christianity (Hadas-Lebe, 2006).

In conclusion, initially the cities of Rome, Greece and Jerusalem possessed different views on Christianity. However, the different perceptions changed once these cities took up similar virtues concerning Christianity as a religion. Moreover, these cities laid down the rules that defined the features of their Christian visions. With time the spiritual visions shared by these three cities appeared tampered with the later modernization of the cities. New religions and denominations propped up. This led to members of the Christian groups breaking into different religions and denominations. As such, Christianity got sub-divided up to this date. Most of the western cities mentioned in this essay currently possess different spiritual visions that govern them. This appears clearly from the fact that some possess Islamic visions while others maintain the former Christian visions (Sheppard, 2005).

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