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The Five Pillars of Islam

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In Islamic religion there are five Pillars that every Muslim should follow.

Creed. The Pillar that declares the unity of God at all levels of understanding. Unlike the Christian Trinity of God, Muslims have only one God and his prophet Muhammad: “There is no God, but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”, Quran says. It also denies divine status of any human being by definition including Jesus and Mohammad.

Prayer. Every Muslim must perform the prayer five times per day. Each part of the day has its own prayer, and the Muezzin is announcing the exact time from Minaret. “The muezzin's call to prayer begins with Allahu akbar ("God is supreme”) and it continues, “I witness that there is no God but Allah”; I witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah; hasten to prayer.” (Molloy, 2009, p. 432). This assumes a physical and spiritual cleansing for every Moslem.

Charity to the Poor. Part of the total wealth (about 2.5%) of every Muslim has to be given as a donation for the poorest people. It is not simply a tax, but a belief that demonstrates humility. The donations are implemented by money or by goods of natural economy.

Fasting during Ramadan. The time period of fasting is called Ramadan. It lasts every ninth month of Islam year. During that time Muslims must abstain from alcohol, food and sexual life. Combined with the prayers, it should bring humility, reconciliation and grace by the rejection of secular pleasures. Since the Muslim`s year is shorter than the casual year, the time frame of Ramadan each year is different: when Ramadan falls in winter, when the days are cool and short, it involves the least discomfort. When the month of Ramadan falls in summer, fasting can be a great hardship (Molloy, 2009, p. 434).

Pilgrimage to Mecca. Every faithful Moslem should visit Mecca at least once in his life. Mecca is a sacred city of Islam. It is the journey of spirit which leads to Allah. In their actions, they relive Abraham's spiritual submission as a means of emulating his close relationship to God (Molloy, 2009, p. 437).

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