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Why Are You Attracted to Buddhism or Why Not?

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Though Buddhism was established more than two centuries ago, in the 5th-6th century BC, today its concept, notions and rituals are still apparent worldwide. What is more, nowadays there are about 376 million of Buddhism followers across the globe. Besides influencing those who learn and practice Buddhism as the main religion, Buddhism forms not only the current psychological conditions but also philosophical outlooks along with the political landscapes. However, there are a number of people who support this religion, while others are against it. In this essay I will tell my ideas regarding this religion.

My Relation towards Buddhism

Founded in Northern India by Siddhartha Gautama, Buddhism is the fourth largest religion on the Earth. According to Buddhism, everything in our world is interconnected; hence, the compassion is believed to be rather natural and important.

There are several reasons why I am attracted to Buddhism. To start with, this religion is rather old. However, it is still rather popular worldwide. Second, it is not based on the relationship between people and God being more focused on our personal spiritual development along with our attainment of a deep insight into the nature of life. Hence, according to my point of view, this religion gives far more possibilities for people to develop than any other religion.

In addition, I also support the idea that nothing can remain fixed or permanent. That is why any changes are possible.

There is one more reason why Buddhism seems rather attractive to me, that is the fact that it is a rather colorful and bright faith, which includes a lot of interesting festivals and holidays throughout the year.

I strongly agree with the Buddhists in the fact that animals are sentient beings who undergo dukkha just as we do. So, they can also suffer and feel happy. That is why every animal ought to be regarded as the object of compassion.

Finally, I like Buddhism because it helps people remain fit and calm, and what’s more, I think, Buddhism is perhaps the only religion where a human can feel himself or herself happy not in the “inner” world, but living in our world.


Buddhism was established more than two centuries ago. However its concept, ideas and rituals are still apparent. Today, Buddhism is the fourth largest religion on the Earth. There are some facts why I strongly support this religion, such as the possibility to self-development and to be happy not in the “possible” inner world after your passing away, but in the world where we live today. I would definitely like to be a Buddhist because I support its concepts and ideas.

Buy custom Why Are You Attracted to Buddhism or Why Not? essay

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