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“Annie Hall” by Woody Allen

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The film “Annie Hall” directed by Woody Allen in 1977 may be adored or disliked but it will hardly leave anyone disinterested. Like a lot of Woody Allen’s movies, it requires commitment and perseverance to watch till the end. Believable life stories, subtle humor, genuine emotions, and an overarching theme make watching this film a gratifying experience.

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The plot of the feature does not strike as something extraordinary. The main character Alvy, played by Allen himself, narrates his life story with particular focus on the relationships he has had. The main event of his life is the acquaintance with Annie Hall, who eventually became his wife for some period of time. Alvy and Annie meet at a tennis game and start spending time together but it is clear that they are drastically different people. Maybe that is why they break up, get back together and then break up again. At the end, they manage to remain friends and cherish the wonderful time they had.

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The humor in the film is appealing to the viewer partly because it is relatable to everyday lives of people. For instance, one can recall the scene where Alvy is forced to sit with a fake smile through the comedian’s terrible attempt to be funny. People sometimes experience similar situations in life, which cannot but bring a knowing smile to the face. The most amazing point about this film is that at the end all the chaotic episodes in Alvy’s life start making sense. He realizes that he is lucky just to know Annie, even without being married to her. This also brings reassurance to the viewer because many people would like to believe that in the end of the day life will seem logical. Moreover, if we look at Annie and Alvy, we can undoubtedly see how they have been a positive influence on each other, encouraging the talents of one another and expanding each other’s horizons.

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Overall, the movie is deservedly acknowledged by the world community of critics and general audience. It truthfully explores the lives of ordinary people with their differences and similarities, the struggles and little everyday joys.

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