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Crisis of Feelings

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A raisin in the sun is a play based on the story of a black family’s experience in a white dominated neighborhood. It is a story of a limousine driver by name of Walter young who desperately seeks to provide for the family, which comprises of the mother, sister and wife. The decision to move from their current residence is made by Lena. Walter’s conflict of feelings with the mother comes in on the role of the head of the family after the Big Walter died. He assumes the head of all financial needs and resources. Conflict between Walter and his wife is a series of wavering relationship issues, where Walter is too arrogant to accept the situation they are in and gives less attention to his wife's troubling issues, not inclusive of the money.

Ruth and Walter

Ruth is roughly comfortable with what they can afford contrary to Walter who believes that he should provide material necessities to his wife. This can be proven when he asks why his wife cannot wear pearls that other women wear. This occurs again where the young Travis asked for fifty cents from her mother to take to school. A conflict developed between Ruth and Walter as admonishes her for making such a suggestion that they could not afford. His thoughts being that children ought not to know the financial crisis of the family since such a knowledge worries them.

Walter, with the knowledge that they are going to receive 10000 dollars check shifts his thoughts from the family, including his sister and wife and focuses on how that money can help him achieve his dreams of becoming wealthy and obtaining a class in the eyes of the people. He is too wandered away in that memory that he cannot figure out what could be troubling his wife. Lena is however able to suspect something is not usual about Ruth and seeks to find out only to be left in that mystery when Ruth insists on going to work ignoring what she feels.

A conflict erupts between Ruth and Walter on the issue of abortion. Walter was surprised on learning of Ruth’ motives to abort but is also undecided on the issue on the grounds of his financial vision; to get rich fast. Walter only offered emotional support to Ruth even without the slightest knowledge that Ruth was trapped between the poor state of supporting another child and the engulfing relationship puzzle with her husband.

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Lena and Walter

 Mamas conflict with his son Walter can be relatively adopted as an issue of overcoming feminism in a surrounding dominated by females and one and half men. She strongly believes a man should be the head of the family and therefore, does not hesitate to hand over the reins to his son Walter. This is however, faced with resistance from his sister Beneatha. Walter is not a happy man when Lena decided to use the insurance funds to make a down payment on a new house on the outskirts of the whites. Mama felt she had robbed Walter of his manhood when she locks him out of the finance matters. As a way to retrieve her son’s allegiance, she entrusts him with the remains of the insurance money.

Apparently, alter had the idea of creating his own wealth by investing in a liquor store as a partner with one of his allies Willy. The money in question here was the insurance check Lena had received as a result of death of her husband. Lena had a background of strong Christian morals and profoundly objected business involving alcohol. Mama finally, out of compassion gives the rest of money to Walter on the condition that he puts aside 3000 dollars to cater for Beneatha’s education. The conflict here was a result of Walters’s investment in liquor store, as opposed to morals stood for firmly by his mother.

Another conflict of feelings emerges when Walter so trusted friend and partner elopes with the money supposed to be invested in the store. This money includes the one paying for the education of Beneatha. The family members are all aware of their financial problem engulfing them which is made worst when all money is lost. Lena cannot help it but worry on the anticipated future of the family as she worries about the incompetent entrepreneur skills of his son that lead to a massive fraudulent incident.

Another conflict exists when Walter is roughly in support of his wife having an abortion, a stand that Lena strongly objects to reason being that human beings are creators of life and not destroyers. Lena recounts the pain of losing her own baby and states that she would never agree to Ruth having an abortion.

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Another conflict emerges when Walter decides to accept Lindner’s generous offer of buying them out. Lena takes pride in her color and admits that money is something they need but not to seek it by selling their rights. Walter reacts to this statement by disapproving Lindner and supports the idea to move to the new neighborhood.


In such a female dominated family, its obvious that conflicts of interest that brings about the crisis of feelings is likely to exist. This comes about as the male tries to fight his way to gaining respect from the rest by heeding to his responsibility. Walter was seen as a male chauvinist, but all the same he had the interest of the family first.

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