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Human Sexuality in Alfred Kinsey’s Work

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The film “Kinsey” (2004) by Bill Condon is one of those that encapsulate a true life story in the motion picture that lets generations and generations of people refer to particular events in history. The movie depicts the life-time work of Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his groundbreaking reports on human sexuality. Watching this film makes one think how we often take for granted our present knowledge and freedom to explore the nature of our desires. Before Kinsey’s work, there was almost nonexistent amount of knowledge on the subject of sexual practices; and the mixed response to his findings proves the tendency of society to avoid sensitive topics.

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The lack of real knowledge on this issue is almost incredible for the modern person. Some of the commonly held beliefs about sexual intercourse presented in the film are simply shocking. The trust people had in those ungrounded claims is even stranger. On the other hand, this is no wonder since there was no legitimate scientific literature available at that time and minds of young people were largely formed by parents, ignorant society, and prudent church. These conditions naturally led to the uproar caused by Kinsey’s two books on male and female sexuality. The volume about women was the most controversial, only to prove the rigid conceptions, or rather misconceptions, about women and their roles.

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The work of Dr. Kinsey had a fundamental effect on the development of human knowledge about sexuality. While there may be criticisms about Kinsey’s methodology or even ethical considerations the benefit of his effort is enormous. The most salient lesson anyone can learn from the film and, respectively, this scientist’s work is the ability to forfeit artificial taboos of the society in order to look at naturally existing phenomena.

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Buy custom Human Sexuality in Alfred Kinsey’s Work essay

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