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Little Girls or Little Women

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In his article Patel describes the time at his high school when he had friends of different religions. Everybody was aware of that fact and had a neutral attitude not asking deeper questions. When some people started writing anti-Semitic messages on classroom desks Patel wasn’t there for his Jewish friend and didn’t confront the wrongdoers. He draws upon the conviction that belief means action and looks back with remorse at his position in high school.

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Penn, on the other hand, arguing for his case includes such details from everyday life as the love in the family, the nature around, to name a few examples. He says that believing that there is no God allows him to understand that the suffering of people is not caused by higher power, or that one should treat a person well from the first time not counting on future forgiveness. By these examples he explains that the belief that there is no God goes beyond mere atheism. Both authors seem to share the high esteem for openness to other opinions and the power of human agency. They believe that people can change events in life depending on the stand they take. Moreover, the essential idea if sharing opinions with others and ability to accept if one is wrong.

In “Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect” Finucane claims that the promotion of Disney princess images leads to increased early sexualizing of girls’ lives and the change in their lifestyles. She uses the example of her own 3-year-old daughter as a proof. To back her argument, Finucane used research data, public opinion polls, expert opinions, accounts of parent and girls themselves, etc. The article was convincing personally for me because it included appeal to logos, ethos, and pathos and was well-balanced. Moreover, it corresponds with what one can see every day, which makes the claim even more sound. Some people might disagree with the author saying that Disney images provide characters with diverse talents and appearance and allow them to have the rich childhood experience by immersing girls into a fairytale.

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In “The Berkeley Bake Sale” Michael Krasny describes the bake sale organized by a group of Berkley students in response to the official new governmental document that would allow using race or gender as a criterion for admission. The event is a sarcastic illustration of the new legislation, opposing o the idea of racial discriminations when considering students for college application. The College Republicans claim that the sale is an act of freedom of speech and the aim is constructive dialogue about the issue.

On the other hand, Associated Students at the University of California claim that this particular freedom of speech event is creating a divisive environment, which means the activists have gone too far. Their representative argues that in any similar event one has to consider people’s feelings. Making other students on campus feel unwelcome is crossing the line of decency. The moderator has tried his best at giving each speaker equal chance to explain their position. He asked several questions that pushed to give more descriptive answers. Also, he tried to lead the discussion in a way that the opponents could find common ground. For example, he asks if the Associated Students at the University of California were going to have a discussion on this new legislation, including in this way the College Republicans’ desire for a dialogue.

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Thinking of the children’s needs to be accepted by peers, there are several things to promote that. First of all, it is important to raise the awareness about diversity and include appreciation for differences in the official documents of an institution, e.g. in the curriculum. Furthermore, events can be organized that enable children with disabilities to participate equally, drawing upon different talents and skills. Multiculturalism has to be a cross-curriculum topic; and different cultural days can be organized to share cultural traditions, for instance. Finally, it is important to make personal contact with children who don’t have friends and encourage some students, especially the sociable ones, to be a sort of bridge to the community for excluded individuals.

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