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Live Your Dream

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To start with, it is necessary to develop a TV show, which can be interesting to the massive audiences. There are several topics, which are always interesting for people. For example, the most popular TV shows always include such themes as love, food or travelling. That is why it would be interesting to combine these topics into one TV program and help people fulfill their dreams.

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The main goal of this reality program “Live your Dream” is to show that people are able to fulfill their dreams only if they put some effort. The main slogan of the show is “Our dreams are in our hands – so do not drop them”. The main reason for this selection is that each person has some special dream, which could not have been fulfilled for many years. Thus, the program will show how ordinary people make their dreams come true. That is why it is important to divide dreams in different categories so that each program would depict one dream.  

First of all, there will be people who want to change their appearance. Thus, the program will show stories of three heroes who want to fulfill this dream. Moreover, these heroes need to have different goals. For example, one of them would want to lose weight, another one to change clothing style and the last one would like to make a plastic surgery. Therefore, this episode should describe the roots of these problems and how they affect lives of the main heroes. At last, they need to describe the whole process of transformation.

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Secondly, another category of people would want to change their job. It is also important to select people, who are employed in different spheres. That is why the program will show their stories and describe their life, such as university they went to, degree, personal life and family. Thus, the program should show how much they earn and how much does their family spends a week on different products and services. Then these main heroes need to create new resume, choose clothes for interview and apply for positions.

Overall, the main idea of the “Live your dream” is to show that we can achieve something if we make some effort. It is also a reality show, which portrays life of ordinary people. In addition, it can attract different audience, because the show covers many topics. All in all, it is always important to not only believe but fulfill our dreams.

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