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Why is IPhone 5 Different from the Competition?

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1. Currently, iPhone 5 has proved to be a customer-friendly phone in that it is very light and thin in size hence easy to carry. Besides its lightness and thinness, it has a large and ultra-fast wireless display.

2. The phone has two highly powered 29mp cameras in aluminum housing. The gadget moves forward and examines the photo images taken and then compares them against 725 unique inlays. This property helps in finding precise matching for every single iPhone.

3. The wide display of iPhone 5 enables the users to have a vivid and lifelike understanding about the phone. The display makes one access the target icon by the use of a finger. It is a screen touch that makes one’s work with iPhone easy and pleasant.It creates quality screen presentation over other smart phones hence giving a major step in sweeping a major market share than all other smart phones.

4. The operating system of iPhone 5 brings out the innovativeness and power of the new device. The one touch deal makes it fun to the users. All other smart phones this aspect that led to a major market competition. The iPhone 5 overcame this with its body thinness and the light body weight giving it a major boost in the world market.

5. In addition, iPhone 5 offers a large display with several features. Amongst the icons one can find the latest version of the wireless Internet and the fastest chip which does not affect the life time of the battery.

Benefits to our Consumer

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6. Nowadays, the Internet exploration with iPhone 5 is the fastest in the world. The central processing unit performance of the device is twice as fast as that found in the A5 Chip. This makes it get more market than all other smart phones world wide.

7. Branded, locked down iPad is made for security purposes of the iPhone users. The touch screen is branded with anti-theft software and the owner’s skin is the key to unlock the screen.

8. The iPhone map navigation is of a very high resolution. This gives enhancement to the users by simpler street navigation, satellite view and other map navigation skills that help one get clear meander pictures for easy navigation.

9. Face Time works on Wi-Fi. As for the cellular networks, Apple extends to video chatting when the aos6 gives errors. It is much simpler to use Face Time on iPhones because of the Wi-Fi linking on the phone. Moreover, cellular networks perform more procedures compared to the Wi-Fi networks. This wonderful aspect of the iPhone 5 gives it quality internet downloads and high screen performance such that it scores more marks in the quality of work and the competitive nature brought by other existing smart phones.

10. Passbook on the iPhone 5 gives security to the phone’s user by keeping printouts on every transaction made by the user. Through this one can make payments on tickets, bills, cards just with the help of one tab on iPhone.

11. Currently, receiving and replying mails through the iPhone 5 are a simple thing. Through the use of iPads instead of redrafting another mail one can just send back the mail by just clicking on the reply tab.

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12. Do not Disturb sends unwanted calls to voicemail directly instead of entering to phone. In addition, it sends a message indicating “Do not disturb” to the caller’s phone without alerting the person being called.

Why will Costumers Buy IPhone 5?

13. The market share of iPhone 5 has rampantly increased. This is due to the improved camera, television set, sports and the Siri upgrade that can be found on the phone.

14. The iPhone camera has been improved from the original quality to 1.2mp. The quality of video and cameras has been improved as well as image stabilization. Camera can even take still objects when recording. It enables users to have a good figure out during important occasions such as streaming movies and games online which creates good human relations and enhances teamwork to the users.

15. Keeping in touch online is only made possible by iPhone 5. It enables people to interact through the means of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google among others.

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