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Whites Swim in Racial Preferences

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 “Whites swim in racial preference” it is just simple as it sounds a comparison of fish and water with white’s people concept but it reveals a sad story though very true. Many economists and social commentators argue that moral values do affect human behavior, so life involves more than self interests. Social interaction is a basic building block in every relationship built by people.  There are numerous social trends which hinder and eliminate social interaction and this indicates a growing isolation as individuals increase. Due to high number, they separated from their family members, neighbors and co-workers. Socialization by all these people contributes a very great change to our environment. “White swim in racial preference” outlines clearly how whites seem to think that notion came with affirmative action programs. Historically, people who were discriminated due to color and racism had a very long history to whites.

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Social Control Mechanisms

According to this article, a social control mechanism in relation to white reveals that they had a strong affirmative action program. This brought in conclusion that they are ignorant of its presence because they have come to assume that they have earned everything that belong to them. Affirmative action to whites guided the principle the principle of segregation and Asian exclusion of laws. This motivated restrictive racially in housing programs policies which helped white to secure a number of 15 million families houses. On the same, people of color were still involved in the program. It was very interesting to comment that white America is the biggest collective recipient of racial preference (Wise, 2003). Improvement of inequalities occurred due to skewed laws which shaped public policy which they still have today.

Labeling Theory

In comparison to this article, labeling theory is concerned with how self identity and behavior of individuals may be influenced. It suggests that people may obtain labels from how others view their behaviors. In relation to whites, African American workers are hard working although it tends to be a stereotype which is far from the truth. Each individual is aware of how they are judged by others because of many roles and social functions in relationships. White families, have an average of 11times a net worth to black Americans (Rozas, 2009).

In consideration to this, it remains to be a big gap to the in comparison to families’ size in education system and in economic status. To argue in white swims article in racial preference, it suggests a reality case. In 2003 black American man in working area was earning a salary of less dollar terms similar to a white man in early sixties (Wise, 2003).

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This reality shows a lot of disadvantages faced by black Americans. In condition they are evidences of the preferences that whites could only afford a discrimination altitude in privilege to black man. Mostly in labeling theory, it is concerned not only with norms and values of people lives but also with special roles in the society (Wise, 2003).

Racial Profiling

Whites swim in racial preference outlines a comparison of fish in water with the concept of white people themselves. This idea brings out a very sad story but in reality the truth. Only few whites who have imagined about blacks position as a result of preference. This reveals stereotype information but the reality. From the early ages, a little American boy could finish a puzzle and then encouraged to continue in the name of good work but for a white it is considered as a handworker. In this article, it brings out a logical sequence of affirmative practices in favoring out the race of an applicant over their starting point of their life (Wise, 2003).

Eventually, some men may struggle very much over the truth but at long last they usually found themselves up and walk on with life as if nothing has ever happened. Affirmative action was used as defend by white people in effect to consequences of past discrimination. This prevented the further racial discrimination. Due to this, affirmative action became racial practice. In law enforcement, racial profiling deserves a recent action to ensure policy do not target the minority citizen unfairly. In addition, racial profiling in affirmative expanded opportunities for marginalized people of color (Rozas, 2009).


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White has ever thought of our position as far as racial preferences are concerned. In a society, people believe that racism is a past thing but in real sense it is still alive. It is believed that one race is supreme and all others are inferior. Generally, when this happens in a society, prejudice and discrimination arises (Rozas, 2009). Historically, moving from segregation life to integration life is the best way. In imagination of how hard it must have been to an African American at this time of history. All the challenges they were facing forced them to be inferior in order to succeed.

White Privilege

Concept here is that even if the problem is solved, they have the same opportunity as white. The problem is to cerate a gap between the rest of black population and white. This requires racial preferences and purpose of affirmative action is to reveal racism by promoting programs that do away with discrimination practices (Wise, 2003).


This article educates reader that we are equal and therefore affirmative action should be introduced in every set up of working. This is to ensure applicants are employed without regard to their race or national origin. Human rights must be promoted by the rule of law, every person should be free and equal to dignity and rights with regard to race and religion.

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