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Gender Discrimination

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Gender discrimination is deeply rooted in our culture. Our society being male-dominated, women are perceived as lesser beings of no importance in the community. This has historically been the case as the tradition and culture dictates. Discrimination takes place in all the leading sectors of the society, covering from employment to house chores.  For instance, in employment, women (being lesser creatures) are barred from holding key management positions. Given the cultural ordination of gender, women find it hard to break through this thick glass ceiling and advance their positions in the community independent of their level of education. In addition, women are sexually discriminated against as they are seen as sexual puppets whose role is submission. The existing legal frameworks are insufficient in creating gender equality especially in the employment sectors. 

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Through both men and women should be accorded equal treatment in all the spheres, this is not the case in our Chinese culture. The concept of gender equality exists in theory. Because of genders discrimination, there are increasing cases of infanticides and sex-selected abortions since a lot of preference is given to sons. Traditionally, in china, women are believed to be inferior to men. In solving this inequality, affirmative action is necessary. Like the male colleagues, women should be accorded equal opportunity to fully exploit their potentials and show their worth. I strongly believe that all being are equal and therefore, both men and women deserves fair and just treatment as none of the sexes is inferior to the other.

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The traditional mindset of gender inequality has significantly transformed by life. As the rest of the world, I hold the same opinion that education is the primary solution to gender discrimination. It is through education that women get to understand their rights. Besides, education creates a level-playing ground for both men and women. Therefore, having realized the importance of education in a male-dominated society, I have decided to pursue my education and professional goals in order to compete fairly with the ‘superior sex’ and influence the whole society. This has made me whom I am today. 

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