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Homosexual Marriages

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Homosexuality has been one of the most controversial issues in the 21st century. Contrary to what most people believe, an analysis of ancient human cultures shows that homosexuality is not a practice that commenced in the 21st century. Although homosexuality is an old tradition, it had prevailed in secrecy for the greater part of human history due to cultural and societal settings that restricted the freedom of expression, especially on the matter of sex and sexuality. However, as human civilization progressed, democratic rights and the autonomy of individuals and institutions, such as the media, gained recognition and gave people the freedom of expression. Thus, issues that caused discontent in the society but which people could not discuss in public began entering the public domain and raising controversies and heated debates. In this regard, both the proponents and opponents of homosexuality are publicly expressing their views regarding the practice. An analysis of diverse opinions regarding the righteousness, ethics and morality of homosexuality, as pertains to the institution of marriage, highlights the importance of prohibiting homosexual marriages.

Opposition of Homosexual Marriages

Opponents of the right of homosexuals to marry describe the practice as a violation of religious teachings and laws of nature. The religious view on sexual relationships is that sex is an extension of the work of creation initiated by a divine being. In this regard, any sexual relationships or acts that do not promote procreation violate the desire of the divine being. Procreation cannot occur through same-sex relationships as confirmed by the religious teachings that the human race originated from one father and mother (Andryszewski, 2008). Thus, homosexuality threatens to destroy the institution that ensures the human race does not become extinct. Apart from mocking the authority of the divine being, homosexuality discredits the religious teachings that describe a family as constituting of a father, mother and children. Since homosexuality eliminates the possibility of couples to bear children, it dishonors the definition of a family.

Arguments for Homosexual Marriages

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Proponents of homosexual marriages cite the freedom of association and diversity in sexual orientation as the main factors that warrant marriages between homosexuals. Overtime, constitutionals reforms have focused on the inclusion of clauses and laws that guarantee a greater protection of fundamental human rights. In this regard, denying homosexuals the right to marry is an infringement on their fundamental human rights. When the constitution protects the right of people based on the nature of their relationships, that constitution is not an all-inclusive document. Individuals and institutions should not subject human activities that do not violate the rights of other people to restrictions.

Homosexual relationships develop due sexual orientations that cause individuals to become attracted to people of their sex rather than the opposite sex. Thus, perceptions that homosexuals are individuals keen on rebelling against cultural and societal settings are unfounded. Homosexuals, similarly to heterosexuals, act according to their sexual feelings, and thus favoring one kind of relationship over another is discriminatory. The society should allow people to have soulmates irrespective of their sex. Prohibiting homosexual marriages denies homosexuals the emotional satisfaction that heterosexuals enjoy and thus discredits efforts to protect fundamental human rights (Schuh, 2004). Homosexuals argue that even though homosexuality does not promote procreation, favorable policies on child adoption will allow them to raise children.


Arguments by the proponents of homosexual marriages fail to consider that the protection of human rights must encompass the preservation of the human race. Thus, the scope of the freedom of association should be such that the rights of some individuals do not threaten the existence of humans. Institutions of marriage that do not facilitate procreation and thus the security of future generations do not serve the common good of the society. The argument that homosexuality arises due to the diversity in sexual orientation conflicts with laws of nature that show the attraction between animals, irrespective of their kingdom and species, occurs between opposite sexes (Olsen, 2006). Laws of nature apply to human beings and thus it is illogical for them to act in a manner that violates nature. The argument that homosexuals can adopt children and meet the criteria of a family highlights the importance of procreation. For homosexuals to adopt children, heterosexual relationships must exist. The adoption of children by homosexual couples promotes the cycle of homosexuality as children brought up in a homosexual family setting never learn true family values. A cycle of homosexuality threatens the preservation of humanity as the young generation will decline and eventually die away.

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Analyses of the arguments of both the opponents and proponents of homosexual marriages illustrate that despite the need to protect democracy and human freedom homosexual marriages have adverse effects on the society. The existence of the human race relies on the process of procreation, which cannot occur in a marriage institution involving individuals of the same sex. A society devoid of young generation faces a bleak future in social, economic and political sense. Apart from threatening the human population, homosexuality mocks religious teachings. The greatest portion of values and norms that sustain sanity in the society originates from religious teachings. Discrediting religious doctrines in order to promote the freedom of expression is likely to cause social chaos and undermine coexistence. Arguments that homosexuality arises due to the diversity in sexual orientation conflicts with the laws of attraction between sexes as evidenced by nature. Therefore, to preserve the human race and retain sanity in the society, individuals and institutions must adopt measures that protect democracy and human rights but ensure that homosexual marriages do not thrive. 

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