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Impact of Same Sex Marriages

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Same sex marriages have been a serious issue of debate especially in the US after the recent changes in family polices and the need to implement the necessary human rights protection.  The major challenge in the whole process is societal approach and belief which is conservative in nature. The country has the role to address several issues in gay and lesbian protection.  The legalization of the same sex marriages has created diverse effects in the economy and the country's focus. President Obama accepted the same sex marriage during the election campaigns which was controversial, but helped in the achievement of the goal of re-election.

According to the American president, the issue should be approached using the state to state approach. The advocating for a state approach to the problem would culminate into a national issue and finally lead to success of the acceptance of the same sex marriage. The impact of the approach would be different based on the legal implications of the problem. The legal implications of the problem included a change in the legal direction of the country in relation to marriage and definition.

However, the same sex marriage is believed to have several legal implications with the affected society accepting the new state of life. In May 2012, president Obama told the ABC news that the situation can be improved and success by focusing on the local society (Sullivan, 2012). In line with believe given by the president, the society must be able to accept the changing preference and likes of the society. The society needs to accept the change. The argument and proposition by the president is viewed with different perspectives. However, there are several legal implications of the approach based on societal values. The major challenge of the same sex marriage is on the impact of the acceptance of the laws governing marriage.

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In dealing with the change, the country needs to develop new legal structures to help in protecting the new status. However, the response of the society is vital in the development of the legal protocols. The society is still not ready to accept same sex relationships, especially the religious who view it as a negative issue in the society (Pearson, 2011). The conservatives do not accept the new changes in the society and will want to address the situation as it has been addressed in the traditional set ups. The dynamic changing society must be addressed differently when addressing same sex marriages which are rampant.

Consequently, one proposal by the conservative wing of the population believes that banning of the same sex marriage could solve the already heated debate. However, it may create more serious challenges compared to the current problem. The freedom of association and relations will be affected in the event that the country decides to ban same sex marriages.  Discrimination is the taking of the rights of the people by restricting or even denying people the right of association or relationship. Banning of the same sex marriages will be discriminatory and encourage the development of negativity towards the government. Currently, the constitution protects the rights of association and personal space.  Several states have legalized same sex marriages as such drastic change of opinion or stand of the government will merit serious challenges from the citizen. Discrimination based on sex sexual inclinations has been common in the society, but with the increased media campaigns it is possible to achieve massive success in the teaching of human rights. The lesbians and gay rights as established by the law were not common in the 20th and 19th century.

The article on banning of the same sex marriage as an act of discrimination addresses issues associated with the violation of human rights, which include limiting the freedom of expression and association is vital in the growth and acceptance of new trends in society. The growth of the same sex association can be facilitated by the establishing of the right of gay and lesbians in the society and training of the society on acceptance (Olson, 2010, p. 48). The acceptance of new behaviors and association in the society has been influenced by several factors with the main factor being media influence. The banning of the same sex marriage will influence and affect the privileges that come with marriage. Marriage offers several benefits to the couples.

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 These benefits include property rights and other legal rights related to taxes social security benefits, adoption rights, and the privilege of joint parenting. The rights and responsibilities attached to civil marriages should be available to all citizens regardless of religion race or sexual orientation. Discrimination based on race or religion has been controlled, but discrimination based on the sexual orientation is prevalent both in the society and the legal fraternity (Sullivan, 2012). The laws crafted do not protect cases of the same sex marriages despite the growing number of the same sex marriages.  Several proposals exist that confer the rights offered in marriage without including same sex relationships. However, the institution of marriage can be substantially strengthened if it includes all the situations existing in the society. These situations include the contentious same sex marriages. The success of inclusion will enable the protection of all the vulnerable members of the society and encourage the development of a complete society. The commitment to the same sex partners should be viewed with the same gravity offered to heterosexual relationships. Banning of the same sex marriage will deny them the right to publicly and legally proclaim that they are committed to their relationship. However, there are several restrictions for same sex marriages (Pearson, 2011, p. 6). These restrictions do not exist in the heterosexual marriages because they are widely accepted.  There is no declaration before obtaining a marriage license. In addition, religion difference cannot be used to define or restrict the individuals from getting married.  Therefore, banning same sex marriage cannot be produced in the society due to violations of the rights of the people. Protecting the rights of the people by the government is vital because it shows the government commitment to freedom and protection of the weak in the society.

In conclusion, the protection of the rights and acknowledgement of the same sex marriage will facilitate the development of balanced and understanding society that accepts personal choices and protects the rights of each member. To be able to achieve success, same sex marriage should not be banned but must be protected by developing Legislations the cover same sex marriage and offering an opportunity for individuals to declare their relationship and develop commitment. Same ex marriage will continue to take place, and the society should be ready for the revolution.

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