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More on Illegal Abortion Myths

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The article is an example of an argumentative piece of writing that is rather passionate and determined. The author maintains that the issue of abortion is surrounded by many myths that are not grounded in facts. He examines couple of such faulty points and constantly ties these analyses to his main idea that there are serious problems with the pro-choice standpoint on abortion. Although the arguments of the author are powerful and convincing, he presents a rather oversimplified coverage of a much more complex issue.

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The article talks a lot about the fact that there are fewer deaths from illegal abortions than the pro-choice advocates would like people to believe. In fact, he goes on to provide evidence that some of the statistics are outright false. Moreover, he contends that the majority of such abortions are performed by certified physicians and not amateurs. The author also uses the classic argument about embryos being fully human; therefore, abortion is a kind of murder. One of his strongest and cleverest tactics is using the words and opinions of people who were formerly advocating choice but have changed their position since. This makes the reader think that the laws about legal abortion are not a good idea.

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However, there is a danger of following the author into the trap of oversimplification. Whether deliberately, or not, the article highlights only a small portion of the issues involved in abortion. Of course, one of the instant questions that come to mind is what should the rape victims do under such paradigm. Moreover, what should be the decision if the parents find out that the baby will have serious physical or mental illness? What if the mother has HIV and will not be able to take care of the child, even if he/she is born healthy? Further, with the contemporary debate about the sustainability of population and possibility of birth control laws it is a contradiction to force people to have children. These questions remain unaddressed.

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Overall, one can see that the article is very convincing, especially for a person who does not want to examine deeper issues. The emotional appeal is significant and the author is highly successful in using information to his advantage. This is precisely why such sources are alarming, pushing one position without suggesting a comprehensive view of a problem.

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