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The Communication Problems

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Any communication occurrence consists of the speaker, the listener, and possibly the third parties. The communication problems can happen with each of these components. In the given situation, there is a clear misunderstanding between two coworkers and complete lack of desire to see the opponent’s perspective. The system they are in, namely the company generally and the team specifically, contributes to this problem since there are no appropriate communication channels for the participants to use. In order to resolve this particular situation it is required to focus on such skills as openness to other opinions, recognition of each other’s expertise and understanding of the common goal.

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Judging from the context, Matt and James have inaccurate, mostly negative, assumptions about each other. They think they know the other person and that there is nothing they can learn from them. Moreover, there are some inflammatory statements involved, for instance, James’ refusal to cooperate with Matt. This illustrates absolute lack of openness towards the other person, and doesn’t give the opponent a chance to show his/her skills. Furthermore, the company does not seem successful in organizing communication channels. Assigning these people separate tasks only aggravates situation, because one employee has to carry out the project according to the schedule created by the other person. For an upset worker this seems not only like taking orders but also doing so from the person he distrusts. To resolve the issue, team must focus on their common goal and realize that every single member has a unique set of skills that will benefit all of them. Open dialogue is crucial, where logical arguments are suggested and the concepts rather than personalities are discussed.

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Overall, effective communication is a complex concept that involves hard work of every participant for it to function successfully. It is said that one doesn’t need to personally like his/her team to complete a project successfully. Professional attitude and ability to listen to other’s ideas is a crucial skill for work as well as for everyday communication. 

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