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Changing Technology

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Change in technology comes with multiple challenges, especially for small companies that have not established themselves. The major challenge is the cost of upgrading to new technology. At times, the costs of changing to new technology can outdo the return on investing into it. As times passes, the new technology becomes outdated and the companies are forced to purchase newer technology. Khosrowpour (2006) notes that implementation of new technology is another challenge as employees have to update themselves, which is quite expensive if the staff adaptation ability to the new technology is very low.

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Auster & Choo (1996) argue that managers play a significant role in training the employees to adapt to new technology in an efficient manner in order to save costs. On the same note, Auster & Choo (1996) note that the role of the management is vital in introducing corporate culture that welcomes and is keen on rapid technology changes. In such a manner, the staff will be prepared mentally on how to overcome changes in technology.

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For BUSN105 scenario, the most appropriate decision is coming up with technology that is easy to adapt and match with the needs of the market. Simplicity, efficiency and reliability are key elements that should be cooperated in the new technology. As long as the new technology is simple, relevant, reliable and efficient, it does not matter what the initial size of start-up is. This is after considering that people will gradually accept the technology. Such types of technology that are efficient and reliable increase production as they lower the cost of production and increase its efficiency. While implementing such new technology, an organization should consider creating their own technology in order to suit their needs. This will allow the technology to be customized to the organization’s needs and future plans.

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