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Digital Tracking Technology

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The world is currently witnessing advancement in technology. In each and every day, there is an innovation of a digital device for one or more uses. Digital tracking devices are some of the devices that have been innovated to help the population move from one step to another (Kleitz, 2002). Digital tracking technology is the art and science of using devices that can follow information, trail it and send it to a certain destination as occurrences take place. Digital tracking technology has been used in different sectors in the society such as security, health, weather forecast, communication and transport among others (Null & Lobur, 2006).

Firstly, digital tracking technology is used in the security sector to follow criminals and know where they are. The tracking system allows the security officers to follow the criminals using the phone numbers or phones that they are suing. In fact, the tracking system is able to determine the location of the criminals, their moves and when they are not moving. This way, security officers are able to follow the criminals and arrest them with ease. In addition, the digital tracking system is used to show when a certain call was made, and where the caller was calling from. This way, security officer are able to track kidnapped person and help them. In other cases, criminals use SIM cards and throw them away (Brown & Vranesic, 2009).

The digital tracking technology is able to detect the phone that had a particular SIM card at a given time. This way, the person found with the phone headset is questioned.  On the same point, the digital tracking technology is used to determine the phone numbers called using a particular phone and SIM. This way, security personnel are able to follow the link between and among criminals. Criminals conducting illegal businesses are arrested before they accomplish their goal (Maini, 2007). Unfortunately, criminal are also able to use the same digital tracking technology to track their victims. They follow their targeted victim and manage to find them at a place that they can fulfil their evil plans. In addition, criminals are also able to track financial transactions of their victims, making it easy for them to demand for money and other valuables when they are sure that their victims have them. 

Secondly, digital tracking technology is used to tack the health status of people in the society. Some people have serious illnesses that require medical attention throughout the day. This requires keen following of everything happening in their body (Null & Lobur, 2006). Through the use of Verichip device that is injected under the arm of a patient, medical practitioners are able to follow the patient even if he or she is outside the hospital. The device corrects information about what is happening in the patient’s body and send it to medical practitioners (Kleitz, 2002). This way, the patient can be warned when his health is deteriorating or when to take precaution. The doctors are able to monitor the patient’s progress and advise him accordingly (Brown & Vranesic, 2009). In addition, digital tracking system give medical researchers results of threatening viruses or bacteria in the air. There are devices set on the environment to detect presence of some viruses and other biological hazards that can harm people and animals. This way, the device collects any trace of the hazards and transmits to the research office. This way, medical practitioners are able to curb spread of the hazard before it becomes a disaster. On the other hand, malicious people in the society such as terrorist are able to use the same tracking technology to know when a particular person is at an area. They then release biological hazards in the area so that they can harm their targeted group of people (Maini, 2007).

Thirdly, digital tracking system is also used to determine the weather and climate. Digital tracking devices such as digital satellites are released on the atmosphere to collect data concerning the weather. The devices collect data, store it and send it to the astronomies and other weather experts so that they can determine how the weather will be for a particular period of time. Weather forecasting suing digital tracking technology is effective as the devices send information as they collect data (Null & Lobur, 2006). Therefore, the probability of getting mixed data is reduced. Therefore, the results given after analysis are likely to be useful to farmers, transport department and other sectors that rely on weather updates on their daily activities. However, the same tracking technology is used by malicious people in the society to cause manmade sisters such as floods, droughts and famine. These people use the sane devices to analyse the weather, and then interfere with the atmosphere so that the results can be distorted. They might decide to add chemicals to the drops of water in the atmosphere so that rain falls before its time. The rain falls down heavily causing floods, or it fails to fall causing drought (Brown & Vranesic, 2009).

In addition, digital tracking technology has enabled the society to take track of every happening. There are digital tracking cameras in buildings, businesses and different institutions and organizations to track and record every happening. The tracking is done during both day and night. This way, the management and the government is able to view what happened in case there is insecurity or other issues requiring review (Kleitz, 2002). The society benefits with this technology because people are even able to see who did what when they could not see them. Additionally, the digital tracking devices are securely hidden in roads so that vehicles that break road rules can be seen. This way, drivers and other road users who fail to obey the rules are taken to court. They become cautious as they do not know where the devices are located. This reduces road accidents. Unfortunately, it is hard to privatise digital tracking devices. Therefore, they can be owned by anybody, making it hard for them to fulfil their purpose (Maini, 2007).

In conclusion, the digital tracking technology is one of the innovations that have resulted from advancement in technology. It is the use of digital devices to collect data and pass information as the occurrences take place. Digital tracking technology has affected the society in different ways. It helps security officers to track criminals using their phones and SIM cards. It also helps security officers to know the link or connections the suspects have. Digital tracking technology also helps sick people remain healthy as their health status is revealed to doctors through the use of Verichip. This technology is also used in weather forecasting. This helps farmers and people in the transportation sector. Digital tracking technology helps reduce road accidents because road users are tracked and those found breaking road rules face the law. However, there are certain negative impacts of the digital tracking system. Criminals and other malicious people use the same digital tracking technology to get their prey.  They track people and harm them, or track weather results and do something to interfere with the normal functioning. This is because digital tracking gadgets have not been privatized. Anyone can own the devices, and some people decide to use them for their selfish interests without considering other people.

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