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The increased interest in mobile applications is largely due to two factors. These are the affordability of mobile phones and free or cheap mobile applications. In the last two decades, prices of mobile phones have reduced considerably due to improvements in mobile technology and competition among key players engaged in the production of mobile devices. In this regard, mobile devices have become common among individuals of different ages, backgrounds and social class throughout the world. Initially, the production of mobile devices focused on features related to calling and text messaging. However, market competition has caused the increased focus on the production of mobile applications that appeal most to consumers. Increased technological sophistication has led to the development of a wide variety of mobile applications that allow people to perform functions previously restricted to PCs.

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The upward trend in usage of mobile applications is likely to overtake broadcast television as the main medium for media consumption. Every day, the number of hours that people spend exploring various mobile applications is increasing while the time spent at a PC is decreasing. Overtime, mobile applications have undergone transformation to incorporate functions that address challenges relating to day-to-day activities of all people. In this regard, a person whose activities involve calculations does not have to carry a calculator separately from his or her mobile phone. Instead of relying on broadcast televisions to provide information on the weather, one can access weather updates using a mobile phone (Anumba, 2012). While the initial focus by application developers was to provide PC functionalities in mobile devices, the scope of producing mobile applications has expanded to incorporate features that support interaction in various perspectives relating to education, economics, social interactions and leisure activities. Applications used in education include Teacher Kit, Quick Graph, Google Maps, and Course Smart. These applications facilitate access to educational materials and enhance the learning process. Other productive applications include Google Search, Word Viewer and Adobe packages. Mobile applications used in social interaction and networking include Twitter, Skype, Facebook and Bump. These mobile applications allow users to participate in related social networking websites. Applications that help people to travel around the world include Google Earth, Google Sky Map, and applications created by business entities such as British Airways and UK Trains (Gross, 2009). Using these Apps one can make travel arrangements without physically going to an office. Apps used in matters of leisure facilitate video and audio entertainment, and allow gaming. Mobile users can listen to music, watch videos and play games of interest.

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Most mobile applications run on the Android operating system and are free as long a mobile device meets the minimum specifications defined in the application of interest. Google, in collaboration with companies that produce mobile phones, has created a system that allows application developers to create mobile applications in response to market demands. Forums created purposely for users of mobile devices provide developers with insights on the most desirable mobile applications. Thus, there has been an expanding pool of mobile applications meant to respond to the demands of consumers at the personal and professional level.

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New technologies are increasingly expanding the scope of mobile application development to accommodate changing market demands. The number of free mobile applications has become increasingly high allowing owners of mobile devices to enjoy a wide variety of functions present in mobile applications. The fact that the .mobile devices have become common at home, school, hospitals and in the work place is a clear indicator of the impacts of mobile applications in diverse fields today. These devices are increasingly replacing the tools traditionally designed to assist human in various activities.

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