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Technological Advancements

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Throughout history, technological advancements have remained a focal point in the fields of research, business, education, politics and security. This is due to the acknowledgement that the integration of technology within the traditional systems used to ensure the realization of individual or organizational goals and objectives. Technological advancement has always entailed the improvement of hardware and software to address to socioeconomic changes. The creation of new tools and platforms for information communication has always sought to satisfy the rising demand for efficient and reliable information systems that will guarantee easy access to information while maintain appropriate levels of security. The use of computer systems, which was a privilege previously enjoyed by corporate bodies and government institutions has expanded to incorporate the needs of individuals. In this regard, people have personal computers, smart phones and other gadgets that help them to perform various tasks efficiently thus saving time and resources which contribute to the improvement of self-actualization. However, there is one aspect of technological advancement that has become a center of interest in the 21st century. Through the refined integration of various tools for information communication, technological advancement has led to the development of the social media. This aspect of technological development which begun with the objective of connecting individuals from different parts of the world has expanded to become a tool that business entities are using to achieve strategic goals and plans (Vega 1). Furthermore, the development of the social media has significantly contributed to the promotion and protection of the freedom of speech. In this regard, people have access to platforms that they can use to express views and concerns on issues such as the poor delivery of services by an organization, inappropriate governance or controversial current events and news without fear of any retaliatory actions by the concerned party (Tindall et al. 712). The social media has also helped in the streamlining of the delivery of news, which faced numerous challenges when the traditional media was the only source of information. In fact, the social media has opened up opportunities for real-time update on current events while circumventing the protocol in the traditional media, which causes delayed release of information to the public. Moreover, the scope of audience covered by the social media is bigger in comparison to that of the traditional media whose attempt to appeal to groups such the youth had prove futile. Technological advancement has boosted business entities in terms of marketing and public relations. Most social media platforms support numerous features that allow business organizations to update potential customers on a new product within the shortest time. These platforms allow customers to participate in the evaluation of various products and provide genuine reviews that inform a business on the most relevant course of action (Klososky 89). The availability of the chat feature in social media platforms allows users to communicate in real-time. In this regard, parties can start and finalize on consultations without having to meet physically. This reduces mobility costs and minimizes the challenges associated with organizing a physical meeting. Business organizations can exploit the features enabling real-time communication to address customer needs without the customers having to travel to organizations ‘offices.

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Technological advancements have transformed the world into a global village whereby access to information has become considerably easy. Since the world thrives on the availability of information, new tools and technologies for information communication have led to the improvement of socioeconomic factors throughout the world (Newson et al 61). Despite the drawbacks associated with aspects such as concealment of identity and the activities hackers, technology has made the world a better place to live in by creating channels and platforms that facilitate human survival.

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Buy custom Technological Advancements essay

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