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In the book “The App Effect”, the author highlights the increasing integration of diverse information technology tools and systems in most of human beings’ day-to-day activities. Technological transformation has introduced display and multi-touch devices that operate on highly sophisticated, but user-friendly software. These devices have significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness concerning the execution of tasks at both the personal and professional level. In the last two decades, there has been a considerable increase in the number of people owning mobile phones, PDAs and other portable devices. Widespread use of portable devices promoted players in the information technology sectors to incorporate various functionalities of personal computers (PCs) in mobile devices. In this regard, experts in information technology systems and tools began developing computer programs that are compatible with mobile devices. Computer programs designed specifically for mobile devices have created a framework that allows people to perform intense calculations, access the internet, read documents and interact with various social media platforms (Bloem, 2012). Before the development of mobile applications, mobile devices had limited functionalities, which supported minimal interactions. In this regard, PCs were the main tool that enabled people to enjoy the benefits of information technology. However, PCs had drawbacks relating to portability and thus restricted the area within which people could interact with technology. The development of applications for mobile devices has provided a solution to the problem of interaction with technology using PCs. Since mobile applications allow people to interact with technology without restricting their mobility, they have become a requisite in most mobile devices. In response to the increasing demand for affordable and user-friendly applications, application developers are increasingly producing multiplatform and open source computer programs purposely for mobile devices (Bloem, 2012). Users can easily install and upgrade their applications to a newer version with more features. In addition, mobile applications are subject to customization to serve the user’s needs.

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