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Three Potential Ideas in Information Technology

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Drone Piloting

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Nowadays, many countries are looking forward to arming themselves for defense purposes in case of war intentions in the future. If such countries do not want to be responsible for damage or deaths that may be caused in the process of retreat, they should use technology to take their weapon to the intended destinations. The use of drones in the war, criminal investigations, and manning security hotspots appear to be highly technological leap that facilitates growth in warfare, security intensity, and mapping of geographical or territorial boundaries (Yenne, 2004). On the one hand, technology has played a major role in these areas; but on the other hand, it has caused serious problems. Drones tend to lose sight of the intended target since they often have problems with cameras. Loss of target makes it hard for the pilot who is at a far distance to control the drone; hence he fails to achieve the intended goal.

At some point, all machines are prone to mechanical and technical failure as they are man-made, thus, there may be numerous human factor errors.. American Tech Survey has documented a few cases when pilots have had issues while navigating drones in certain atmospheric areas. These problems have led to serious damages and have caused havoc in some states as sometimes, they fly over personal or restricted air space. Since pilots use a control button to lift and fly drones over the intended areas, it becomes a challenge to have complete control over the machine if any of the controlling gadgets experiences some mechanical problems (Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 2003). Generally, such issues may cause people’s deaths and damage the drone and some property.


In order to prevent such problems while using the drones , there is a need to use multiple cameras. In fact, there should be multiple ways of reviving sight whenever the camera in use goes off. It might involve the use of more than one camera. Whereby, in case the upper one develops some technological issues, the other can help navigate through the atmosphere smoothly (Yenne, 2004). Additionally, the cameras helping in navigation should be shielded in order to avoid the damage. Whenever an aircraft is in the atmosphere, it increases the chances of collision or accidents. Apart from using multiple cameras and shielding them, the specialists should also use cameras with higher and longer illumination ability. It is a substantial solution to the problem of loss of sight and control, since such cameras can help the navigator to recognize the objects from very far distance.

Using materials that meet the drone manufacturing standards is one of the ways of solving this problem. Notwithstanding, according to the reliable sources, employing the required quality of materials during the drones manufacturing can considerably eliminate mechanical or technical malfunctions. Using relevant manufacturing materials, the chances of facing navigation or flying problems due to piloting gadgets are negligible (Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 2003). Actually, such challenges can be hardly faced if the manufacturing company applies the relevant materials and the essential technological ability and skills.

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GPS Chips


Nowadays, the United States works on implanting every single American with chip in the forehead or shoulder in order to find out their geographical location and provide medical assistance if needed. According to the technical gurus investigating this issue, the chip has minor deficiencies in terms of computer processing the provided data (Van, 2009). In case of a malfunction, the chip may not only fail to work, but also cause physical health problems to the individual.


A closer investigation of this issue ascertains that in case of technological malfunction, there should be a support system should to help in locating the precise position of the individual. It means that having a backup chip located within the GPS chip is a solution towards avoiding loss of location and other malfunctioning problems (Van, 2009). Moreover, one can eliminate any other dysfunctional problems with the GPS chip through setting a systemic mode of reinstating the usual chip’s functioning if it goes off.

Tracking Devices

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With the increasing need to have accuracy, belief, and support for getting back our lost property such as mobile phones, laptops, and vehicles, there has been a boom in technological development facilitating these activities. However, challenges have been excruciating due to loss of signal and inappropriate interpretation of the data provided (Stair & Reynolds, 2010). Data misinterpretation and system failure as well as the ability to tamper with the fixed tracking device within the tracked product have been a real problem for companies operating in this sector.


Having simpler methods of data collecting and sampling, the received information can simplify the process of tracking and finally, help to return the lost property. Further, registering and having full information, the technological experts involved in creating and fixing the tracking devices can eradicate cases of removing the trackers once the device has been stolen (Stair & Reynolds, 2010). Finally, technological innovations are developing, and so is the knowledge of tampering with the set software. Thus, the need to have a systemic way to curb malicious damages to the assigned products is imperative.

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