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7 Things to Remember When Writing an Essay

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Expressing your thought in writing is very challenging task for some students for self-explanatory reasons. Essay is a large project that involves a lot of work, focus, and persistence. There are many ways you can approach this task without losing your nerves. One of them is to break the assignment into steps and follow them one by one.

Step # 1: Choose a topic

The rule of thumb is to write about what you know and enjoy. Even if you don’t have free reign and have to write on the subject of your professor’s choice, you can still adjust the topic to accord wtih your perception of the world. Therefore, think carefully about the message you want to convey.

Step # 2: Make an outline

There are several ways to organize your thoughts. Diagrams are fun to do. Just write your main topic on the top and then break your thoughts into smaller portions that are relevant to your main idea. Creating an outline is similar and helpful exercise. You have to write a list of all the ideas you have, choose the ones that are the most appropriate, and list them in order.

Step # 3: A thesis statement

This step is especially important because a good thesis statement is supposed to communicate your main idea to the readers. Otherwise, they will get confused and lose interest right from the start. The first part of the statement should state the topic and the second part should highlight how you are going to consider or prove it in your essay.

Step # 4: A body

Many people think it is counterproductive not to start with the introduction. However, this is the room where you introduce the main idea to be discussed in your main body. The body should elaborate on the ideas as presented in your outline. Each of your arguments should be expressed in a single paragraph, including an introductory sentence, detailed explanation of your behind your reasoning, and good examples.

Step # 5: An introduction

Introduction is easy to write once you have completed the main body of your discussion. Introductions are supposed to capture your readers’ attention. You can start with a joke or an interesting fact and go on to a short summary of you strive to prove. Your introduction should be thematically connected to the thesis statement, otherwise the discussion is pointless.

Step # 6: A conclusion

The conclusion should summarize everything you’ve expressed in your essay. Don’t exceed five sentences and do not to include any new information. Providing this review is important, because it reinforces your ideas in the readers’ minds.

Step # 7: Finish up

After you’ve done writing, it’s time for a thorough analysis. Make sure that your argument flows smoothly and don’t be afraid to change some text if there are any inconsistencies. Also, check your text versus professor’s instructions and make sure that all points have been covered.

After you’re done with all that, reward yourself with a nice cup of tea.

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