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Dealing with Abortion: Ban Or Allow?

Dealing with Abortion

Abortion is considered one of the most controversial topics in the entire world. Moreover, it has been discussed since the ancient times, starting with such great philosophers as Aristotle as well as Plato. This essay summarizes the main points of why abortion should be banned and gives solid verifications.

Reasons for Banning Abortion

The legality of abortion has been discussed in modern politics for several decades already. No compromise has ever been reached concerning this topic. However, in 1973, in the case of Roe vs. Wade, the American Supreme Court decided to approve the women’s right to choose whether to have an abortion or not. Many Americans met the following decision quite severely, because the Court did not take into consideration all the points, and thus, the verdict was thought to be unfounded.

Pro-Life Thoughts Built on Logic

The right to choose is one of the most important rights in the life of people. Therefore, it should be greatly respected, regardless of the circumstances. If, for example, John has a certain area of private property, then Mike has to keep off that place unless John allows him to enter. However, Mike can argue that he has a legal right to get around where he wants. This means that John’s property right contradicts Mike’s right. This example lets us understand that the decision of the American Supreme Court was not reasonable enough and is easily argued by the laws of the USA.

The Most Significant Right – to Live

Henry Shoe, a legal philosopher, claimed that the right of secure existence is the “basic right” as it is irreplaceable in respect for all other rights. Therefore, Mike’s right to move around is diminished in comparison to John’s property right, as this area is his living area and the right for the secured life cannot be denied in favor of the less significant rights. On the other hand, the activists, that opt for choice, argue that unless a person is born, it is only a woman who can choose either to give life or not.

Roe vs Wade Case

During the court session, it was not considered, whether a fetus could have any rights and whether those rights could deny the rights of woman in the same way as John’s rights denied Mike’s. This is because, the American Supreme Court did not take into consideration whether a person in a rudimentary form could have the same set of rights as the ordinary people do. This means that the court was too hasty in its decision that lacks rational arguments regarding the pro-life points.

Therefore, it should be stated that unless the American Supreme Court takes into account all the legal rights of the human being in an uterus form and decides upon its status, there will be no real ability to understand the legality of abortion.

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