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The End of Astrology

The End of Astrology

While still being significant to several cultures, astrology has already lost its major value among scientists all around the world. The main direction, where this used-to-be science works is zodiac signs, is its connection with stars (astronomy and mathematics) with personality traits peculiarities (psychology). Astrology remained a leading way of predicting everything, starting with political election ending up with meeting with future love. Moreover, the influence that it made for academic part of the world is enormous as well – even the greatest minds of former times referred to this as they thought extremely precise science for decades. However, recently, as the actual progress scattered the shroud of science from astrology, it is not considered as anything real any more.

Unveiling the Lies of the Past

During the XI century, astrology flourished greatly. All the leading civilizations (Egyptians, Romans, Greeks etc.) used enormous part of their income to develop this science and relied on it greatly. They designed specialized instruments, called “astrolabes” to enhance sky study. Even though this seems as astronomy development, all the findings were used for anticipation of the leaders’ freaks.

With the improving of astronomy as a real science, astrology began its decay in the 17th century. New astronomic models, new concepts, new discoveries left actually nothing from their fake brother. People understood that rather than predicting things that they cannot influence (weather, people’s fate etc.). It is much beneficial to look into deep space to find out the eternal question – where did it all start? After heliocentrism was approved, astrology almost died, but there were still some of its advocates left, though much less than it used to have 7 centuries ago.

Horoscope as a Fake Branch of Science

Astrology does use a lot of scientifically approved technological devices for its needs, but actually the methods used are completely rejected by all scientific laws. The main reason for disregarding astrology as science is that is totally imprecise. Horoscopes are usually designed with general language and, despite this, still fail most of the times. When a theory is not approved, other sciences can explain the failure, while astrology does not provide any particular and clear explanation when the horoscope and real life events do not coincide.

In reality, astrologers do not investigate anything about the connection of stars, planets and other space objects with humans. These people simply invent fake stories guiding by unreasonable rules that were created by the same unreliable people. Even if the stars have any particular influence on people’s life, astrologers do not have vivid examples and evidence of this fact. Rather than explaining their failures and providing real pieces of evidence why the horoscope did not actually work, astrologers just find poor excuses for their incapability.

Nowadays, none of real scientists who have enough influence within their surroundings approve astrology as a real science at all. By stating that it is irrational, incoherent, groundless and incompetent, people have less and less faith into astrology. Now, it is not a time of the blurred forecasts – people require precise facts and do not want to rely on undefined phrases in a local newspaper.

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